Top 5 Suggestions for Organizing Photos for Upload


You know the feeling. The event is over, you and your photography crew did an incredible job taking photos, but now it’s time to edit the thousands upon thousands of photos, and organize them for upload. This is the unheralded, behind the scenes grind of professional photographers everywhere.

Backprint can help, and we have several upload options to get your photos online quickly. One of our most popular services is sending in media via FTP or Hard Drive for processing and posting online. Our media management team processes over 1 million photos and thousands of video clips every year for events large and small. Our bib tagging and video services help photographers with what would normally be an overwhelming amount of work, creating an efficient process to get photos launched FAST. No event is too large or small. Get in touch with our team to learn more. 

Organizing your photos prior to uploading can definitely help save time when it comes to getting your event live. Below are a few suggestions to help you out:

  1. Set your camera’s clock to the correct time of day. This will help ensure that if the media you are uploading is to be auto-sorted, that the autosort will work without a hitch, so long as the timing data we receive is accurate.
  2. Turn on auto-rotate on your camera. Turning on auto-rotate can help get your event live faster as our sorters will not have to rotate your images manually. On top of that, if you upload any auto-sort media and it is processed with auto-rotate off, we will have to go in and manually rotate all of the images which is pretty time consuming.
  3. Separate images shot by different cameras into different folders. It is important to keep images shot by different cameras separate for a couple of reasons. For example, if you want to upload only thumbnails for speedy upload, and then send in your high-res photos to replace those thumbnails, we have to match the original file names on the upload. (We call this service High-Res Replacement (HRR).) Keeping different cameras’ folders separate will make it easy to match the original upload.  Also, for auto-sort purposes, images shot on different cameras are going to have different time stamps depending on the camera’s clock. To run the auto-sort offset application we need each camera’s images in their own folder.
  4. Rename your files in the order you want them processed. Use a batch renaming tool to rename your files so they are processed in the order you want them to show in the gallery as they are uploaded. Be sure that all of the files being uploaded have the same number of numerical digits. For instance, if the last image you are uploading is EID_Location_12345, then the first file in your folder should be EID_Location_00001. This will ensure that all files in the folder are uploaded sequentially.
  5. Folder Structure. Make sure that you have some type of folder structure if you wish for your folders to be uploaded into separate categories. Typically, the base folder will be the Event Name + Event ID number (EID). Inside that folder should be a folder for each photographer and inside each photographer folder should be a separate folder for each category they shot. See below example.


Follow these simple tips and Backprint Image Management can assure you that your event will be ready to go live as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Proper Triathlon Body Marking

front marking side leg

This post comes courtesy of Backprint partner, Bob Badalucco, owner of BB Action Photo based in Orlando, FL. Bob shares his advice for marking bib numbers on triathletes to ensure photos can be tagged and set up for quick bib and last name search.


Proper Body Marking:

In order to ensure that athletes can be properly identified on all three legs of a triathlon the body marking needs to be done correctly. The only way to ensure this is to personally coach every body marker on race morning. Note that these are typically all volunteers who have never marked athletes before. You will need to coach them and then critique them when they inevitably do it wrong. The most difficult part of body marking is to get the number on the FRONT of the arm.  Most races do it wrong and write the number on the side of the arm. We put together a quick tutorial showing how numbers need to be written on an athlete.  This sample showed temporary tattoos but the same rules apply to written numbers.  

Proper Triathlon Body Marking


1.Use good sharpies.  I use the King Size sharpies and utilize the wide edge.  This is critical.  I have shot races where the markers they used were either way too wide or just cheap and did not mark well.  

2. Bring baby wipes and paper towels for all.  You MUST wipe off sunscreen from the skin before body marking.  Sunscreen will kill your sharpies.  Give everyone a baby wipe and paper towel.

3. Make sure that any “new” volunteers who show up after body marking has begun are also properly coached.  At every race there will be volunteers “pitching in” to help and they will all do it incorrectly unless coached.

Here is exactly how I describe proper arm marking to my volunteers at every race:

“Lift up the athlete’s sleeve and begin writing high on the arm and end writing before the crease in the arm. Make the numbers visible from the Front. Write as large and legibly as possible.  Write the number vertically. You will know if you did it correctly if you can stand face to face with your athlete and see the numbers on both arms.  If you cannot see the numbers then you wrote them too far off to the side.”

The two best locations for marking legs would be the shins or the side of the leg below the knee. See attached samples. Most photos are shot from the front. If you are not shooting any side angles then mark all numbers visible from the front. Sometimes we shoot bike pans and we need the number on the side of the leg.  

My races have almost no unidentified photos. Our last race had over 8,000 photos and only 24 unidentified photos of 8 different athletes.

– Bob Badalucco

Learn more about Backprint’s image tagging services for race photographers and event organizers. 

Field Guide To Onsite Upload

If you’re in the event photography industry you know how important it is to get images to market as fast as possible.

Many clients seek to have onsite printing, social media stations and other forms of experiences connecting participants to their photos as quickly as possible.

The Backprint team recently had the pleasure of getting out of the office to help one of our endurance market partners My EP Events shoot the Ohio State 4 Miler. Our goal was simple, get images online and tagged as fast as possible.

For our location we used 2 tethered 50D Canon Cameras.

20140921_074628 20140921_095511_Richtone(HDR)

Tethering  and onsite upload did a few things for us.

  1. It allowed us to shoot straight to the upload computer.
  2. It also allowed us to continually upload while images we’re being generated (near real time upload).
  3. We were able to have event images available for the participants sooner, staying connected with the elation of the experience.

20140921_095535_Richtone(HDR) 20140921_183608


By submitting our estimates in advance we were able to schedule image spotting teams to identify the photos as fast as possible. In our test we successfully uploaded and had tagged over 3,300 images before the event completed.

In total we uploaded the entire event’s images (40,000 images thumbnail only upload) using the Aurigma Upload Tool in about 24 hours. We then brought back the high res images to our office for a high res replacement.

An interesting note, most free hotel connections are typically slower than mobile hotspots, the caveat is the data limitations of your cell phone plan (we maxed out our data for the month in a single day). Keep that in mind if you are considering onsite upload.

Getting images online quickly isn’t without challenge, but the excitement and elation around  participants running into Buckeye Stadium made this event a hugely positive experience.

125186-2584-003f 125186-2584-011f

Have an event where you could benefit from onsite upload or are just looking to improve your image posting immediacy?

Give us a shout.

The Backprint Team

Insta Craze, Polaroid Magnets and… Race Bibs?

Backprint is excited to announce a few long over due product additions. As we continue to evolve our product catalog we constantly searching for what might be interesting to have as a photography keepsake.

“Insta-Print” Filtered Photo Line

We’ve added 3 filtered 5×5 prints, using some of the most popular filter choices on Instagram to give event participants a unique way to customize their event photos in a fun and creative way!


Film Border


High Contrast



Polaroid Fridge Magnet ($4.49/ each wholesale)

Fridges all across America are littered with newborn announcements, weddings, save the dates and graduations. Why aren’t your event memories/customers memories sharing that space!? Our Polaroid style fridge magnets are the perfect accompaniment to the community wall which is our fridge.


4×6 Polaroid Style Magnet

10×18 & 10×24 Bib Frame (10×24 – $24.99/ each wholesale | 10×18 – $19.99/ each wholesale)

If you are anything like us you probably have a box full of race bibs that you have been planning on using for years. Now is your chance to give those mementos life! Our 10×18 and 10×24 bib frames conveniently allocate space for a race bib or other mementos next your choice of single image (10×18) or double image (10×24).

1680689 1680350

We hope you enjoy these new products as much as we do.

Have an idea you think would make a good product? Contact us.


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E-mail Marketing Event Photos—Still The Best Method?

It seems strange, in this digital era, to beg the question: “Is e-mail still effective?” Or perhaps the more poignant question could be: “Is social media a more effective marketing medium?” We know with some certainty that physical mail was greatly affected by the onset of e-mail years ago and as an event photographer you may be asking yourself: “how can I harness social media to improve my photo marketing capabilities?”

However evidence from e-commerce experts appears to support the notion that these two mediums (e-mail and social media) should operate somewhat separately, or perhaps more symbiotically, especially in regards to e-commerce.


Data from our partners agrees with these findings, even more so with event photography. When we examine click through and open rates most partners see 60-90% engagement. Backprint’s e-mail automation tools serve to help event photographers maintain positive relationships with their customers and continually drive revenue without the hassle of manually setting up each campaign.

Examples of Partner E-mail Campaigns

email2email laborday

Ask us about how Backprint e-mail marketing could help your photography business grow or how we can custom tailor a campaign for your business.

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