Increase sales by marketing directly to each participant!

All Backprint accounts come with a strong email marketing system that can send custom HTML or text based emails to your customers. Backprint has preloaded HTML email templates that provide links to the photo gallery or directly to your customers’ specific gallery of photos.

Sales & Marketing Material Development

Backprint has a dedicated marketing & support team to both help understand your business, and potential alternative revenue paths. Whiteboards to pitch books, handout cards and more. We can custom design sales and marketing materials to help you grow your business.


Email Campaign Autonomy

Design your own banner images, animated gifs or anything your imagination can conjure to engage customers and drive sales on your events! Backprint also has a dedicated graphic art’s team to aid in e-mail design for specialty business or themed events. (Examples Below)


Increase your sales by directing customers to their specific photos

Take advantage of backprint’s specific HTML email marketing campaigns by emailing participants their specific images.  These images link to a gallery of photos which customers can browse without searching through every photograph.

Multi-Email Campaign Packages

Backprint has tools to allow you to send a group of e-mails over time to automate your marketing efforts. Contact a member of support for more information about our email automation tools.


Just because your customers didn’t buy after their first review of event images doesn’t mean they didn’t want to buy at all.

Use Backprint’s retargeting tools to follow up with your customers.



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