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Backprint will boost your photography brand, event engagement and customer satisfaction.

Sponsored Image Service – Amplify Your Event Experience

Photo Buzz  

Our Branded Image and Sponsored Photo Services are an affordable and effective way to drive brand awareness for your client, sponsor and/or event. Amplify the excitement of your events and hugely boost engagement and reach of your sponsors and event brand. Sponsored image service continues to grow in popularity for event photography as traditional speculative sales decline and sponsors are looking for more interactive ways to engage their customers.

Contact a member of our accounts team to learn more about branded image service.

Photo Engagement & Analytics Tools

Showcase impressive RESULTS for your sponsors with a full suite of photo engagement data.

Page View Analytics | Photo Download | Social Media Engagement | Consumer Insights


API – White Label Fulfillment & Customization Solutions

Backprint has a flexible API with broadly reaching capabilities and functionality to suit your every need.

Some of our fulfillment partners include:

Finisher Pix GradImages logo webheader-logo

Additionally our API has served as a technology solution for highly customized event photography experiences, including seamless photo browsing integration into existing websites or social media platforms like Facebook.

facebookapi fbapi2

Ask us if our API might be the solution needed for your photography business.

Request an API key/account setup


Branding Tools For You & Your Customers

Capture4 Capture3

Backprint is home to a dedicated graphic arts team as well as extensive UI (user interface – “look & feel) customization tools. Whether its a specific client or your Backprint e-commerce site as whole, we give you full control to tailor the look & feel of your e-commerce experience.


Image Tagging/Sorting Services


Backprint coordinates with over 100 dedicated image tagging specialists for fast and accurate data entry. Our pricing for tagging starts at $.01 per bib tagged! A fast and inexpensive way to allow you to focus on taking great photos, and let us handle the rest.


Video Sorting Services

Backprint’s video services engage your customers interest in our growing digital media marketplace by providing personalized video clips of their achievements. Video can be shared across all social media platforms, branded for the race, a sponsor or charity.

Our video services come in 30, 60 and and 90 day offerings and are a great way to set you apart from the competition starting at $250/30 days of hosting.


Want to put an ad video in front of your clips? We can do that too. Ask about video ads today.


Custom Graphics, Storefronts, Landing Pages

We offer web graphic design services to create custom static HTML landing pages, plus the ability to completely customized your Backprint storefront CSS template to create the look and feel you want. We can do custom updates to your entire storefront, or for individual events. Learn more…



Corporate Photo Services

Contact Backprint Corporate Events to find the right photographers for your event anywhere in the nation.

At Backprint, we’ve got your back. (we couldn’t help it.)


 Don’t see the service you are looking for? Ask us, we’re always looking to try new things.

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