Welcome to Pat Hendrick Photography.

Pat Hendrick Photography has worked everything from small local events ... all the way up to the New York Marathon for large events studios. Events we have shot as official photographers include the Empire State Marathon and Half-Marathon, Mountain Goat Run, Lake Placid Marathon and Half-Marathon, the Lake George Triathlon Festival, Schenectady Stockade-athon 15K, Plattsburgh Half-Marathon, Troy Turket Trot, USCAA National Cross Country Championships and Black Fly Challenge Bike Race.

The event shopping cart of photos usually is up within 24 hours of the finish. Since we have worked events for the big studios, we can offer the same quality coverage -- but adding our custom products to the standard range of prints and photo novelties. What makes us different is that we shoot multiple images of each racer -- portraits of the athlete in action. We also use our photos to tell the story of your event, so you can expect images not only of the racers, but also of family members there to offer support and volunteers. Racer photos are indexed by bib numbers, making it easy for people to find themselves among thousands of images we will post for the event. Your athletes will receive personalized email notification when their photos are ready for viewing, complete with samples of their photos embedded in the email.

We offer conventional photo shopping carts plus branded, sponsored, free downloads.

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