Green Mountain Marathon and Half-Marathon - 10/16/2011,

Green Mountain Marathon and Half-Marathon


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Check out the Photo Browser to browse through all photos from the event. Check out the Lost and Found section to view unidentified photos.

Photos are sorted by competitor number as much as possible. If your number was not readable at any time, you may have additional photos in lost and found. There also are photos indexed as start and crowd. The crowd category includes spectators, family members and race volunteers. Typing start or crowd into the bib sorter will bring up the entire group of photos. If you are interested in one of the digital delivery packages but your photos are in lost and found because your number was not visible, please send a list of the file numbers of your photos to along with your bib number. Your photos will be indexed to that bib number, and you'll receive return email telling you when it is possible to order. A portion of photo sales revenue from this event will be donated to the Green Mountain Athletic Association to support its programs. Please call 518-327-3342 for your wedding and other photography needs. Photo slideshow effect: The photo viewer has a slideshow feature that allows you to easily scroll through images. Just click on a thumbnail to make it larger, then click the triangle below the enlarged image to start the slideshow.