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Hi and welcome to Frederick Fernandez Fotography! Please call me Rick. I've been photographing people, places and things for as long as I can remember. I've been shooting professionally for several years (mostly for other companies) and am doing this for myself the last four and I'm having a blast. I'm low-key, very easy-going and have a somewhat dry sense of humor. I love photographing people: sitting, standing, running, having a good time or doing whatever. I now have expanded to include two more photographers if necessary to provide complete coverage of your event. I provide event photography services to include the following: sporting events, weddings, music events, shows, promotions and corporate events. All photos are taken with high-resolution digital Canon SLR's. Please contact me if your event is being held to raise money/awareness of a worthy cause, and let me show you how I can contribute. Contact me via email:

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